Mold Removal

Mold Removal

In case you notice mold spots in your home or business, observe signs of chronic moisture, or/and sense a musty odor in the environment, its wise to contact a mold remediation service before you can spend any money on mold testing. This company will be able to give you a free evaluation of the current situation and explain to you if you are facing a problem or not. In case these experts advice you to go for further testing, the next step is to hire a highly qualified and certified mold assessment consultant to come and inspect the area and collect samples for mold testing.

In some states, the company that will test for the presence of mold in your home or premise is not the one that will eventually handle the mold removal task. The reason is that the mold inspection firm goes ahead to re-test and then clear the area after completing the cleanup. It’s a good practice to have two companies working on these two tasks so that the mold removal company you choose does not clear its work. This is the only way you will be sure of getting high quality services. The mold inspection firm will protect your interests and make sure that you get the best service ever.

In most state, the mold inspection and mold removal company has to be licensed by the relevant authorities so as to protect the customer and make sure that the work is done in accordance to the acceptable standards. The company must comply with the state regulations  when undertaking this assignment. Once the work is complete, you should be given a Certificate of Mold Remediation that states that your property has been remediated successfully.

The mold assessment experts will give you the procedure that should be used in handling this assignment. The mold removal company will be expected to do the cleanup of the problem. The exercise entails removing materials that are contaminated with mold, the use of HEPA vacuums in the removal of mold spores, heavy sanitization and cleaning of the affected area, and sealing all the affected materials. This work should be carried out in a walk-in containment that has negative air pressure to make sure that mold spores will not escape from the affected area as it may contaminate other places. The spores can become airborne if there is no containment and eventually get to other places in your business or home during the demolition process.  But can inhale the mold and this may result into several health problems. It can also start the growth of mold on surfaces that are not recently contaminated. This will in turn increase your expenditure and risk down the road.

The mold removal experts should also use dehumidifiers in removing the moisture that cause the growth of mold. It will give you the assurance that this problem is not going to re-occur. The experts also use HEPA air scrubbers to continuously remove mold spores from the surrounding air. The team will protectively bag all the debris that comes out of the area and vacuum the outer section of the bag before disposing them.

After removing all the mold and completing the disinfection and cleanup exercise, the mold removal professionals will HEPA vacuum the inner section of the containment region and seal it.  There is need for continued use of air scrubbers until the mold assessment experts take samples to use in the clearance testing. In case any part fails this assessment, the mold removal experts will reclean the area under similar containment situations. The containment can be removed after the final certificate has been awarded by the mold remediation consultant. Miami 305 Restoration offers high end mold removal services that guarantee you maximum satisfaction.

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